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Creating a good first impression with your products
Using some simple display techniques is a quick and easy way to give your stall a professional/cared for appearance.
• Too many products on display will make the stall look cluttered and difficult to buy from. Don’t display every single piece of stock; just ensure that you have a little bit of everything on display. Keep ‘spare’ products as backup stock up for when you sell out or begin to run low on the stall
• Fill empty space, i.e. shelves/rails/tables, etc. as empty space does not generate sales and weakens the impact of the product on offer
 If a gap is temporary (i.e. waiting for stock, etc.)
- pull products forward or use a different product so that the gap is filled in the
short term
- double up on your key products/best sellers
If a gap is due to a product being sold out or discontinued
- fill the gap in the short term before re-allocating this space to another product as
soon as possible
• Each product range needs to have its own space. Leave a small gap between each different product range, so that your product offer does not become a blur of items. This will make it easier for customers to clearly see your product range • Where possible, display products so that they ‘face the customer’ (i.e. face forwards)
• Stand products up, so that they are easier to see
• Group similar products together as this will make the products more noticeable and help customers to find what they are looking for
• Display your products in a logical order — the way in which a customer would link them together. For example if you sell digital cameras and accessories, the carry cases should be next to the cameras and memory cards/batteries next to the cases. It would not make sense to the customer for some of the camera cases to be displayed at the other end of the stall, away from the rest of the cases — your full range would not be seen or would get overlooked which could mean a lost sale!
• Group products together by colour or by similar packaging. This helps to create a noticeable ‘block’ of product
• Display accessories close to the main product as this will help to encourage extra sales and also provides excellent customer service to shoppers, e.g. a camera, case, memory card and spare batteries — will plant the idea that to get full use from the camera, a customer would need to buy all of the relevant accessories as well
• Display products in size order (customers expect the smaller sizes to be at the front or on top!)
• A display should never confuse the customer
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