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Creating a good first impression with your signage and equipment
• Use a mixture of products, accessories and signage to make a display ‘look’ bigger. This means that you will not have to display large amounts of stock However, whilst it is important to make a display ‘appear’ bigger, overall the display still needs to remain simple and easy for the customer to understand
• Give a product more impact by displaying a graphic or poster beside it. This will make the product feel important and help it to stand out from other products on the stall
• Use the right equipment for your product range. This not only looks more professional it ‘adds value’ to your product by getting it noticed and making it appear more special as it is displayed the right way
• Use signage that promotes ‘best sellers’, ‘new’, ‘special offer’, etc. so these products stand out
• Use colours — High Street retailers also use certain colours: RED at ‘sale’ time, GREEN for ‘new’ products and BLUE for ‘promotions’. Customers automatically look for, recognise and understand what these colours mean — they have been ‘trained’ by the High Street retailers. You need to consider using these colours too • Don’t hide best sellers/promotions amongst your other products. Give them a distinct/special area at the front of the stall so that they are instantly noticeable • Make sure all products are clearly priced before they go on display or that they have a price ticket displayed alongside
• Keep signage with the relevant product/product range to create more impact and add value to the products
• Too much signage ultimately detracts from
and hides the product. It also
confuses the customer as there is too much information to try and absorb
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