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Creating a good first impression with your appearance and attitude
• Look smart. Scruffy and dirty clothes are off‐putting to customers and are likely to make the customer think that if the trader can’t be bothered, why should they? • Don’t hide at the back of the stall or out of sight. Whilst a customer may not want to approach a trader they want the comfort of knowing that they can if they need to
• Try and not eat/drink in front of the customer. Most people do not like to interrupt someone having their lunch and will therefore leave rather than ask the question that might have led to a sale
• Look happy and interested. This will give the customer confidence in your ability as a trader and therefore give them confidence
in your products — even if it’s the 2,021st
time you have smiled in one day!
• Stand up when a
customer approaches.
Don’t remain sitting down
doing other things as
customers do not like to be
totally ignored. If you are
genuinely busy with
something that you can’t put
to one side, at the very least
acknowledge the customer
and explain that if they need
help they should just ask.
Remaining seated when talking
to a customer is disrespectful
and implies
that you don’t
consider them
to be very
important to
             14 First Impressions
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