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Creating a good first impression with the customer
• Acknowledge the customer; this will subconsciously let them know that you consider them to be very important people
• Be friendly but not pushy. Ask general/safe questions to open a conversation with the customer — even if it is not related to your products. Building some rapport with the customer will ultimately encourage them to consider making a purchase
• Try and avoid closed questions as they are easy for a customer to nod to or ignore
• Use open questions that ‘force’ a customer to respond with some sort of answer — this will help to open a conversation
• Introduce yourself and ask the customer their name and use it as often as possible. This builds familiarity
First impressions – top tips
1: Regularly check that your stall looks well maintained and clean
2: Keep your stall, products and signage free from dust. Remove any old
or damaged items
3: Look professional, happy and friendly. Encourage customers to ap-
proach you
4: Talk to your customers without being pushy. Engage them in general
conversation/banter to make them feel comfortable and happy to talk
to you about your products
5: Don’t over-fill your stall with product or clutter your stall with signage
6: Only use signage that helps the sales process/adds to the impact of
your products
7: Display products logically, i.e. in the way that customers are likely to
shop for them
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