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Customer service is important because...
Retailing is competitive and customers expect good service. Bad customer service gives your competitors a chance to capture the sale... and loses you money!
Good customer service results in...
• Customers who are happy with how you have helped/sold to them, creating loyalty
• Customers who will tell friends and family to visit your stall — shoppers love
making recommendations when they have had good customer service
• Customers who will come back again — because they like shopping at your stall
• Customers who will become ‘ambassadors’ for your stall
• Customers who will spend more money than they intended
• Other customers who witness good service remembering your stall
• Your stall creating a good impression for your market
• Opportunity to impress your customers (with your knowledge, expertise, etc.)
• Job satisfaction for the trader — it makes the job more interesting
• A feel good factor being created around your stall
Happy customers... increased sales... happy trader
Bad customer service results in...
• Customers asking themselves if they really need to make this purchase
• Customers who will shop elsewhere
• Dissatisfied customers who will not return
• Negative comments to other potential customers
• More business for your competitors!
• Bad feeling
• Other customers being affected and influenced (witnesses to bad customer
• Complaints which waste time of trader, market manager, etc.
Unhappy customers... falling sales... unhappy trader!
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