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Customer service — best practice
Customer service relates to every time you (or your stall) comes into direct or indirect contact (verbal, visual, audible and physical) with the customer. There are a number of ‘best practice’ standards that you can implement to exceed the customer’s expectations.
At the stall ady dealing with another customer • Acknowledge all customers — even if you are alre
• Greet customers and make eye contact e
• Ask their name and try and remember it for next tim
• Interact with other members of their group or family
• Be aware and observant dvice
• Interpret signals for help and offer your assistance/a
• Provide information about the products/services
• Offer advice on products (where applicable)
• Offer alternative or comparable products
• Offer to order products (if possible) nge
• Introduce customers to other products in the same ra
• Highlight appropriate accessories (if applicable)
     When the customer is paying
• Always concentrate on the customer — don’t hold any oth
• Be friendly and polite at all times er conversations
• Be efficient, quick and accurate in completing the tra
• Display or explain methods of paymen nsaction
• Apologise if the cu t clearly
• Conf stomer has had to wait to pay
irm the size, weight or quantity of the products purc
• Tell the customer clearly the value of the sal hased
• Offer a carrier bag if th e
• Offe e customer needs it
r a ‘collect later/carry to car’ service if they have a l
your delivery service if you have one ot of shopping or highlight
• Close the sale, smile and thank the customer
    On the telephone
• Answer as soon as possible
• Answer ‘good morning/good afternoon the xxx stall at yy market, how can I help you?’ • Always be polite
• If you are busy with another customer, promise to call back — and do so as soon as
• Keep a message book and pen near to the telephone
• Answer all enquires within the same working day wherever possible
• Have an answer phone (with an appropriate message) for when you are not available
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