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If you don’t have a refund/repair policy, speak to your local Trading Standards Department to see what you legally have to offer customers in terms of refunds/ repairs. Also speak to other traders/the market manager about what policy you could have and/or whether the market has a refund/repair policy or Customer Charter that you need to know about.
Consumer rights
Customers today are often very clear about what their legal rights are when it comes to refunds/repairs. Traders need to be equally knowledgeable. Having a refund/repair policy is another way of
providing good customer service.
A summary of consumer rights is detailed below.
The law
When it comes to complaining about faulty goods, the Sale of Goods Act 1979 is quite specific. It deems
that goods must be safe, fit the description that's given of them and be both of ‘satisfactory’ quality and ‘fit for the purpose’ for which they're intended.
If they have to be installed or assembled, there should be adequate instructions. Finally, if a customer is shown a sample first, what they're sold must match that sample.
It's worth noting that responsibility lies with the retailer, i.e. you the stall holder, not the manufacturer. Under the law, ‘retailer’ is any non‐private seller — even retail websites
are included.
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