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A sell by date is used as a stock control measure and has no legal standing. It is an offence, however to sell eggs beyond their sell by date!
A use by date is applied to foods that are perishable and may cause food poisoning if consumed after that date. It is a criminal offence to sell, or display in your stall/ shop, food past its use by date.
A best before date is applied to foods that will not cause food poisoning if consumed after the date. Food can be sold past its best before date if it is still of satisfactory quality.
Remember... knowledge and information are all part of providing good customer service.
Customer service – top tips
• Use the 3P’s when dealing with customers. Be Polite, Presentable and Patient
• Greet the customer — be friendly and welcoming
• Keep your language simple — no ‘technospeak’ and sell the benefits of the product
• Remember that customers do not like to be kept waiting
• Acknowledge all customers — if you are serving another customer let them know how
long you think you will be
• All posters and signage need to provide useful and accurate information that will
help the customer to understand the product offer/make the purchase easier
• Always introduce add on sales, accessories, other services — this is good customer
• Remember that a customer has legal rights and know how you will deal with them
• Thank customers as they leave and tell them that you look forward to seeing
them again
• Don’t hide behind tills/product displays
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