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        Using Social Media
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Guide 4
Guide 4
Social Media suitability checklist
This is an interesting exercise for all traders to complete.
Many traders are likely to answer yes to most of the questions. Let’s face it, if you are not trying to attract more customers, or not trying to get existing customers to spend more with you, then business is either outstandingly good or in decline.
The ‘stories’ you tell customers will range from how to use a product, to where it comes from, what it is made of, why it is good value, how good it tastes to how long it will last and so on...
Many traders have fantastic product knowledge, and the ability to share this with customers can be limited by your availability. It’s often difficult to speak to more than one customer at a time.
We have heard traders explaining which wool to use for jumpers, rugs and scarves; where particularly honey comes from and how it affects the taste, to which leathers are used to make belts and why their muesli mix is better than any other. By using social media, you are spreading your knowledge to an even wider audience.
In many ways social media is acting as another shelf on your stall... or
Another member of staff... or
An advert... or
A promotion ... or
Providing customer service... or
A recommendation... or maybe a few other things to help your business
   Guide 4
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