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Whilst it would be easy to say the more yes answers you have given the more your business is suitable for using social media, the reality is even one single yes to any of the questions is enough to demonstrate you should be using social media.
Using Social Media is Easy
It is designed to be easy. The companies behind the various social media sites (these sites are also known as ‘platforms’) want you to use their sites, so they make it easy.
To look at Twitter, simply type Twitter into Google (or your preferred search engine) and click on Twitter Search.
Enter the word ‘markets’ and scroll down to a market you are interested in, then start to note how people are using Twitter, what they are saying about their market, themselves, their stalls etc.
You can also enter words more relevant to your stall to prompt a search, use your product category, your location or even your market. You will then start to see more examples of how people are actively using the Twitter platform.
Repeat the process for all the various social media platforms.
For Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other platforms you may need to register in order to view the activity that is on each one.
Again, simply Google
each platform, look for the login
or register and follow the instructions.
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