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Your customers will choose to buy from you for a variety of reasons
Are they choosing to buy from your stall because of: • prices?
• range on offer, choices, colours?
• the service you provide, the friendly service?
• or is it the range of services you provide?
• do you have exclusive products for your location?
• are you convenient to where they live, work, travel, park their car? • is it habit, for them and for you?
• is it your staff, colleagues?
• your product knowledge and the information you provide?
• is it your location in the market?
• do your promotions attract the customers?
• or is it your displays?
  It may well be different reasons for different customers, or it may be just one key reason that attracts your customers.
One thing is for sure there will be a reason or multiple reasons.
If you don’t know, or you are struggling to list them, then it is worth your while stopping a few customers and asking them why they choose your stall.
  The best time to ask is when you are handing them their purchases, after they have paid!
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