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What are the things you want to say about your stall?
As market traders you will always have something to say about your stall, or products, to customers. Popular topics will include:
• what’s new
• any new special offers, discounted items,
multi‐buy items
• what you have a lot of stock of
• repeat purchases for regular customers • promotions
• best sellers
• new for the season
Some of the talking points will be the same, week in and week out, others will be new and may only be applicable for a few days or weeks.
Think about how often you have new things to say to customers, is it every week, every day?
Also think about how often you need to remind customers of the things that don’t change.
All of the reasons to buy from you and the things you want to say to customers are ‘opportunities and stories’ for you to use as part of your social media activity
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