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Developing your social media plan
Top tips for your social media plan. Bearing in mind that you are at the start of this journey, do a couple of posts and do them well. Monitor how they are reacted to, liked, followed and used.
Then at your planned update intervals do another couple of posts and so on.
Change the topic and content of posts you do, although you can develop your own style and approach.
1. Pick a couple of ‘stories’ from the list you identified earlier
2. Maybe pick one ‘story’ that is product related, possibly including a promotion —
it doesn’t have to be discounted price!
3. Choose a second ‘story’ that is more about service, or information
4. Think carefully about the number of words you use, remember short sharp and
to the point is easier for your customer
5. Add a good picture, make sure it’s clear and that it demonstrates the product or
service, or information or news
6. Add any hashtag reference points to your copy,
this will make it easy to search, share and follow.
7. Tell your customers about the posts, show them it
on your phone or laptop
8. Tell your customers about your social media
address, feature them on your stall
9. Ask customers to like your posts, if they like the
topic, or ‘story’ and to share it with their
10. Follow up on any feedback, always try to give
positive responses
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