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  Guide 5 Selling Your Products
Your product
To begin with your business will be dependent on attracting the people who are already shopping at your market. Therefore you need to have a good understanding of who they are, what they want, their lifestyle and life stage, so that you can tap into their needs and sell your products. To be successful, you will need to focus on how your products fit (or can be made to fit) with the needs of the customers in the market.
Once you develop your business, it may be that you will begin to attract shoppers from outside the market, but this will only happen as your reputation, product range, experience and integrity begins to grow and word of mouth recommendation reaches a wider shopper base.
Therefore your product range needs to meet the needs of existing shoppers.
Speak to the market manager and to long standing market traders and ask them about who visits the market:
Stand in the market and watch customers — what do they look like? What do they do? How do they move around the market? This will all help you to build up a picture of the different types of customers that visit the market and help you identify how your product range will tap in to their needs.
 • Their age • Busiest times of day • How often they visit • Value vs. affluence • Why they visit • Families or not, etc.
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