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Understanding your customers’ needs
It is up to you to add value to the buying process for the customer; to understand what the customer wants and why, by subtly reading the signals and carefully listening to the customer. A good, reliable, honest, expert and informed trader becomes a very significant reason for buying a product from a particular stall.
If a customer approaches your stall, they will give off ‘buying signals’ both verbal and non‐verbal. You need to be able to read and understand these signals and respond to them in the way and manner that the customer expects. The most common buying signal is the question: "How much is it?" Others are
questions or comments like: "What colours does it come in?", "Is delivery free?", "Do you
use it yourself?", and
surprisingly, "It's too
You will need to be able to respond by asking an open question that begins to engage the customer in a conversation and which will make it more likely that you will make a sale. Avoid asking closed questions
• An open question typically begins with who, what, where, when, etc. and tends to start a conversation in return
• A closed question generally prompts yes and no answers
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