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 A good way of making a sale is to use the following seven steps:
1: Planning and preparation
• Ensure that you know your own products/services extremely well — especially features, advantages and benefits that will be relevant to all the different customer groups in your market
• Identify as far as you can the main or unique benefit that your product or service would give to your different customer groups
• Understand what other traders who sell the same/similar products are doing • Given the type of people who visit your market, what are their needs/ requirements for your product likely to be
• Prepare some simple statements about your products and their benefits
2: Greet
• Smile — be professional, and take confidence from the fact that you know your products
• Look professional — smart, presentable, trustworthy
• Introduce yourself — first name, how long you’ve sold/been interested in the products — create some credibility
• Ask the customer their name and keep dropping it into your conversation. This will reinforce the feeling of friendliness and honesty
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