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• Actively encourage the customer to feel, hear, see and taste the product (if at all possible have samples available). Hopefully they won’t want to give it back!
• Never knock the competition — it undermines credibility and integrity — don't even imply anything derogatory about other traders selling similar or identical products
• Be relaxed and be friendly — let your personality and natural enthusiasm shine through — people buy from people who love and have faith in their products
5. Overcome objections
• Objections do arise and they should be handled constructively, which is the key. Start by asking the customer a question back, e.g. "why do you say that?", or better still, "what makes you say that?”, is usually a good start
• Some objections result from misunderstandings and some are used to hide other uncertainties, while lots of objections are simply a request for more information
6. Close
• In many cases, if the trader has done a good job, the customer will close the deal themselves
• Avoid using negative closes, e.g. "I'm sorry but due to the holidays we can't deliver in the three weeks after the 15th, so we can only do it next week, is that okay?" or ones that focus on guilt, sympathy, challenges or long embarrassed silences as all they do is put customers off
• Say thank you and goodbye. Saying “see you next time” will encourage the customer to have trust and confidence in your product — it must be good if you want to
see the customer again!
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