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  Guide 6 Product Presentation
What is product presentation?
Your stall is essentially a shop window, i.e. where you display your products so that customers will notice them and make a purchase. Product presentation is all about how you display your products.
Most successful traders and High Street retailers put a lot of time and thought into how they display their products and also where they display them. Overall, a display has a large number of aims.
A display needs to:
 • Generatesales!
• Attractcustomers
• Make the product appear simple and easy to understand
• Highlight key promotions/best sellers/seasonal products
• Show the full product range — but not necessarily every single item
• Createimpact
• Tempt customers to buy
• Inform/educate the customer
• Help you (or any staff) to sell the product
• Encourage linked or add on sales
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