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There are eight core influencing factors:
 1. The number of products that you have
2. Your product mix
3. The size of the products
4. Available display equipment
5. Display techniques used
6. The seasonality of the product/best selling items/promotions
7. The rate of sales/re-stocking issues
8. How signage and graphics are used
1: Number of products
The display needs to show customers the depth of choice that your stall offers • Ensure that you have enough of each product on display to create impact
• Too many of the same product makes the stall look cluttered and difficult to buy from
• Don’t display every item of product that you have — keep some as back up stock and use to fill the space as you begin to sell products
2: Your product mix
The display needs to show customers the full range of goods that you sell
• Each product range needs to have its own space. Leave a small gap between
each product group
• Display your mix of products in a logical way — one that makes sense
to how customers buy their products, e.g. all fruit in one area then within fruit, display all apples
together, all citrus, all berries etc.
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