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3: The size of the products
Small products can become ‘lost’ in a large space, particularly if there is not a lot of product on display.
You can make the display ‘look’
bigger without having to display
large amounts of stock. Displays can be a mixture of product, accessories and signage.
• Use a graphic or poster beside the product for maximum impact
• Create a group of similar products so that the full range appears more comprehensive
• Accessorise the display to explain what else is needed to complete the purchase, etc.
     4: Available equipment
Try and source the right equipment for your product range
• Using the right equipment not only looks more professional — it ‘adds value’ to your product by getting it noticed and making it feel more special
• Speak to other traders/market
manufacturers about where you
can source appropriate
• Make sure that you know
‘how’ to use the equipment so
that you get the most out of it —
don’t be afraid to ask if you are
not sure
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