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7: Replenishment
• You need to ensure that you always have sufficient quantities of stock to maintain displays — especially of fast moving/promoted products. Whilst you don’t want to have to buy (and store) large amounts of products or display too much on the stall at any one time, you do need a sufficient amount to replenish your displays
• Think about how you could create ‘a bulk display’ (not a clutter display!) or where you can store additional products nearby for you to use as back up stock — especially at busy times
8: Signage/graphics
Using different types of signage helps to ‘build’ a display and provides key selling information for customers. Signage includes posters, banners, price tickets, etc.
• Make sure all products are clearly priced before they go on display or that they have a price ticket displayed alongside
• Use signage to help products to
stand out
• Only use graphics to support/enhance the product and the display, not to dominate the product or overcrowd the stall
• Keep text to a minimum for extra impact. Very few customers ‘read’ signage
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