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  Guide 7 Making Signage Work for you
What is signage?
Signage helps to quickly and clearly tell a customer something in a visual way. It can be a picture, image, text or all three. This message to the customer comes in many different styles and formats and can be corporate/brand, price, special offers, etc. There are three main types of signage:
Signage is all about helping to inform and educate customers so that they can understand the product better — its use, its price, its history, its likely lifespan, etc. and make the purchase in the knowledge that they have bought something that satisfies their needs and requirements. Too often traders focus on negative signage — (‘Do Not Do...’, ‘Not Our Fault...’, etc.) rather than selling the positives/ benefits of a product. If you have any negative signage, see if you can say the same thing in a positive way!
 1: Directional — this tells customers where things are
2: Promotional — this tells customers what items are on sale or about special offers 3: Information — this tells customers about price, provenance, refunds, etc.
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