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Signage itself comes in many shapes, sizes and formats, including...
• A‐boards — free standing (2ft high) A shaped boards that can be used to advertise a product, theme or stall
• Hanging cards — suspended from ceilings and usually have large scale images or one/two words on them
• Hymn boards — number of different products highlighted on one piece of long signage — typically a menu card
• Totem poles — very tall and usually have directional signage
• Tickets — small in scale and display the price or a word (New, Sale, etc)
— usually free standing (A6/A7 size) beside a product or attached to a product
• Fascia signage — large scale and states the name of the stall/company. It is hung at the front of the stall
• Information signage — usually close to where customers pay and provides the customer with information. A3 or A4 in size. It has a number of words/sentences on it
• Promotional signage — highlights a product or range for a limited amount of time. A2, A3 or A4 in size, it has very few words and can include pictures. It needs to provide an instant message rather than be read
However, it is important to remember that too much signage will confuse a customer which in turn undermines the ‘good value’ message of your products.
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