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Why signage is important to the customer
• Signage helps a customer to buy the products that they want
• Helps customers to find/identify your stall
• Lets them know what you sell
• Helps them to find the particular product that they want
• Tells them about the product, its benefits, origin, source, etc
• Lets them know how much the product costs
• Tells them about current special offers/events
• Highlights other products that you sell that may also interest them
• Promotes your best sellers
• Gives them accurate and helpful information
• Informs them of your customer service policy/available customer facilities
(changing room, delivery, orders, etc)
• Helps the customer to self‐select
• Provides information and answers when traders are busy with other customers,
etc — It is like a ‘silent salesman’
Signage makes it easier for your customers to buy from you
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