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Allocating space – top tips
• Your best selling products/product categories should have the best selling space
• The most visible and impactful parts of your stall are likely to be the best selling
• Promotional products should be in the best selling space
• More than one product can be displayed in the best selling space
• Seasonal peaks for products/product categories need to be considered when deciding
where to display a product on the stall
Make it easy for customers to see what they want to buy and what you want to sell
• Your selling space should be allocated in proportion to the sales that the product/ product category generates
• The best selling space on a stall will vary and will depend, not only on the type of stall you have, but how your customers approach your stall
• The visibility of your stall within your part of the market will also influence which parts of your stall provide products/product categories with the strongest sales potential
• Eye-level is buy level
• Use the ‘see it and grab it’ areas on your stall for your best selling products/product
• Below counter height or at floor level is poor selling space
• High level space (above head height) is best for duplicate displays or for fascia signs
• Front corners of the stall are important sales areas and good places for promotional
and high priority products
• Vertical displays ensure more products are in the crucial ‘selling’ area of the stall
• Gaps between products help customers to ‘see and remember’ products better
Your selling space is one of your key assets... ‘USE IT’ effectively don’t just ‘FILL IT’
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