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  User Guide 10 Increasing Sales with Promotions
What is a promotion?
A promotion is when something is given greater prominence so that it stands out from the normal range of goods and services. It is when customers are given an additional reason/incentive to make a purchase. A promotion can be product specific or relate to a group of products, a service or even a theme/time of year.
How are products/services/themes highlighted?
A product/service/theme can be highlighted in a variety of ways:
 • Advertising in national or local media
• Sponsorship of a local event
• Posters in the window of a shop/town centre noticeboard
• Signage and graphics
• Products positioned so customers instantly see them
• Impactful display of products
• Tasting sessions
• Point of sale material/leaflets/flyers
• Staff talking about it
• Linked selling
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