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      Implementing a promotion
Traders have lots of promotions, just like High Street retailers. Think about Boots, Tesco and Marks & Spencer in particular — they are excellent at implementing promotions. Traders can follow the basic principles used by these successful retailers to be effective at promoting their own products. They take their core promotion and ensure that it is visible at all times and highlighted to customers as much as possible.
These retailers are getting it 'right' because:
• They have one consistent promotional message, from the media to the window and in store, also the look, style and content of that promotion is the same throughout
• They set a high standard for their promotions
They ensure the customer always reads the same message
Therefore on your stall make sure that any posters, price tickets, product displays and you (and any staff) are using one consistent message to tell customers about a promotion. Keep signage simple to understand and easy/quick to absorb. If it looks complicated/difficult to understand customers won’t bother.
Remember: These retailers also use the ‘expected’ colours of RED at ‘sale’ time and GREEN for ‘new’ products. Customers automatically look, recognise and understand what these colours mean. You need to consider using these colours too.
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