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Promotions – top tips
Use the following 12 point promotional check list.
1: What is the current promotion?
2: Can the customer find the promoted product easily?
3: Is there enough signage/ticketing support for all the products in the promotion?
4: Has signage/ticketing been used to full effect/benefit?
5: Is the product displayed with the promotional signage?
6: Do you have enough stock to support the promotion?
7: Is the promotion highlighted in the best part of the stall?
8: What are the customer benefits of this promotion?
9: What add on sales opportunities are there, have they been featured?
10: Can the customer see the promotional add-ons or do they have to be told where
they are?
11: Is there some available space to repeat the promotional message?
12: If it is not working have you considered changing it?
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