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  Guide 11 Creating ‘Good Value’
Why bother?
Given the current economic climate, customers are more price conscious than ever. This does not mean that they are necessarily looking for the cheapest price, but they are looking for something that will not only satisfy their requirements, but that also offers good value for money.
At the same time your main aim is to sell your products/services at a price that enables you to create a profit, but at a price where a customer perceives that they have got a ‘bargain’, i.e. the quality of the product exceeds the price that the customer was charged. This ‘perception’ can be real (i.e. you have actually sold them something that is genuinely more expensive then the price charged) or it can be imaginary (i.e. you have charged the right price for the product but you have made the product look more valuable than it actually is).
Creating ‘good value’
You can create a perception of good (increased) value in many different ways such as:
 • Cheaperprice
• More products for the price
• An extra service/add on offer
• How the product is presented
• Excellent customer service
  Guide 11 Creating ‘Good Value’ 75

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