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 Signage selling the ‘story’
Clever use of signage to ‘tell’ customers a story about a product/its provenance/ its benefits, etc. is a simple but very effective way of enhancing the perceived value of a product — at little cost to the trader/retailer.
Creating value through display and service
‘Good value’ can also be communicated in other ways. Adding value to your product can be as simple as displaying products effectively. Product display is actually the MOST IMPORTANT way to create value. Whilst the other ‘creating good value’ initiatives can be used effectively they will fail if the product is poorly presented. Neat, tidy, impactful and professional displays will add value to your products.
Featuring a particular product and providing complimentary additions to the item will also add perceived value. The same item can look quite different when accessorised, e.g. an outfit with matching accessories and jewellery. Your display is not only recommending your featured product, but it is suggesting all items on your display to give the customer
a complete and cohesive purchase.
You are silently up‐selling your customer while providing them with a service, thereby increasing their perception of your stall and your products. Indeed even just displaying a dress on a mannequin rather than a hanger can make the dress seem ‘more expensive’.
Signage helps to create good value as it can ‘explain’ the promotion, benefits, provenance of the product quickly to customers, using a few words combined with large imagery.
    80 Creating ‘Good Value’
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