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  Guide 12 Creating Extra Sales
Think about your current business...
How many items do customers buy?
The more items that you can sell to every customer that already buys from your stall, the more money that you will generate. It is easier to sell more things to your existing customers than to try to attract additional customers to your stall.
A happy customer is a customer who buys everything they need to ‘complete’ a purchase and a very happy customer is one who can make all these purchases from the same stall — i.e. wallpaper paste with the wallpaper, phone case with a mobile phone, belt for the new pair of trousers, etc. How many of your customers buy a ‘complete’ purchase from your stall?
Think about all of the things that they could buy from you. If they are not buying any linked items from you — where are they buying them? Why are they not buying them from you? The answers to these two questions are likely to include...
1: They are buying from a trader who they know sells these items. 2: They don’t know that you sell these ‘extra’ items.
Let’s assume that:
 • Each of your customers buys two products and spends an average of £6.
• You serve 20 customers a day ...currently your turnover is £120 per day
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