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Their retail needs
Turning what you know about your customer into retail needs will help you to identify ways to satisfy these needs and hopefully create those extra sales.
A local worker on their way to work
A worker at lunchtime
What else might you offer them... a cake to go with their coffee... a packet of crisps or a drink to go with their sandwich... and on their way home something for dinner.
You will of course be restricted to the range of products you are licensed to sell, but really understanding your customers should help you to identify extra products and better still services that you can sell that are appropriate and will appeal to them.
Extra sales
They fall into broadly three categories...
1: Add‐on Sales
Products you can sell that complement the customer’s main purchase.
Clothing plus accessories Sandwich plus drink/crisps Electronic goods plus batteries
In most instances you will be offering good service by helping them to make a complete purchase by having everything they need... and more.
 Short of time
May want coffee/breakfast/ newspaper/sandwich for lunch, etc.
  Short of time (again)
May want sandwich for lunch, gift for a friend, etc.
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