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2: Add‐on services
Extra services you can offer that they may need now or in the future.
Delivery service — office or home
Gift wrapping
Special occasion packages for Weddings, Parties, etc.
3: Product bundles, packages and solutions
Product solutions that make it easy for your customers or would appeal to them.
School uniform in multi‐buy packages, e.g. 3 t‐shirts or shirts Selection of winter vegetables as a casserole pack
Sweets in pre‐packed goody bags for parties/weddings, etc.
Having identified your extra sales opportunities don’t forget to TELL CUSTOMERS, by speaking to them, but also through signage and product displays, which can act as the silent salesman when you are busy. You could also include a leaflet highlighting these ‘extras’ with every purchase.
The ideas tree/pot
Think of some ideas that you could use to help create some extra sales opportunities. Depending on your product range there will be a number of different opportunities you could consider, e.g:
  Sweet retailer
 Pick and mix
 Pre-pack multi-buys
 Pre-packs plus a drink
Office/kids party bags
Wedding display
   Seasonal mix
   5 a day packs
   Pre-packed Pre-prepared
Weekly basics Delivery service
 Seasonal items
 Linked products
Made to order Alterations Delivery service
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