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  Recipe cards with all the ingredients pre-packed
Detailed information leaflets/self help guides sold with garden plants
Attracting non‐shoppers to your stall is a difficult but not impossible task. The
four main things that will help are: 1: Relevance
2: Appearance
3: Product and signage
4: Customerservice
If you do not understand the retail needs of non‐shoppers and also find out why they are not buying from you, you will find it hard to attract them to your stall. You need to make your products relevant to these shoppers, display them in a way they find attractive and at a price that compares favourably with where they shop at the moment.
1: Who are these non‐shoppers and what are they buying from other stalls?
2: How can you make your stall, your products relevant to them?
Guide 12
Creating Extra Sales 89
‘Take home packs’ cakes/doughnut
packs for offices/
parties/ kids/
Pamper solutions/beauty treatments for eyes, skin, hair, etc.

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