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  Guide 2 First Impressions
   The first impression that your stall creates is all down to the hard work of you, the trader. It is a
customer’s first impression that sets the value, tone and perception of your stall and products.
If the customer thinks ‘cheap’ on their first impression of your stall, then the prices need to be cheap — anything above cheap will seem wildly expensive.
If the first impression makes the customer think ‘good’, ‘nice’, ‘professional’, etc. then they will expect the prices of your products to reflect this — increasing the chance that they will perceive your stall as offering good value for money — even if prices are a little higher than the competition!
Creating a good first impression with your stall
Irrespective of where your stall is situated on the market, the first impression that it creates is down to the trader and no one else.
       • Make sure that your stall is in good condition, that there is nothing broken, damaged or in need of maintenance. If the maintenance of the stall is not your responsibility, get the market manager to agree to a timeframe in which the stall will be fixed
• Ensure the stall is clean and dust free
• Check that your fascia sign is clean, noticeable and damage free
• If your stall has lighting, check it is switched on and that there are no blown light bulbs
  Guide 2 First Impressions 9

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