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If your stall is bright, clean, impactful and looks professional and enticing, non‐ shoppers are more likely to stop and notice your stall. First impressions and image are all entwined with grabbing attention and raising curiosity levels. Look at your stall from a distance and ask yourself some key questions:
1: Is it noticeable/obvious?
2: Does it look bright and impactful?
3: Could a non‐shopper guess at what is being sold?
Product and signage
Given the types of shoppers visiting the market and the profile of your non‐ shoppers, does your product range/services offer these shoppers something that they might want. How are you letting these non‐shoppers know what you sell is right for them?
1: Are these relevant products/services located at the front of the stall in a high
impact location?
2: Is the signage bright/impactful and quick and easy to see/read?
3: Does the product display look tempting/enticing, etc?
Customer service
As customers are quick to recommend traders with good customer service and even quicker to spread the word when service is poor, how do you rate?
1: Are you and your staff professional, courteous, knowledgeable and friendly? 2: Does your stall offer excellent service and after sales service?
3: Are you promoting your high customer service verbally and through signage?
A final way of promoting yourself is to think about off‐stall opportunities. These can be excellent ways of highlighting your stall and your products and therefore help to generate additional turnover (and hopefully profit).
And finally...
1: Can you locate an A‐board near to the entrance of the market — don’t forget to include a ‘you can find us here’ type message?
2: Can you display posters in the market or hand out flyers?
3: Tastings sessions away from the stall are often a good way to encourage
potential shoppers to come and find you.
4: Speak to your town centre manager. Is there any off‐site (and free) advertising
opportunities for you — local notice board, etc?
5: Speak to your local newspaper, would they consider an article promoting you
and your business, advertising, etc?
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