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Therefore ATVs can actually go down when you are very busy so you can't rely on only talking to customers — you won’t always have the time! At these times, the need for add‐on and linked products can be demonstrated through display and signage.
4 Display linked products together
This will help to remind/suggest to customers that, in this instance, they may want a drink to have with their sandwich!
4 Usesignagetoannounce‘new’products,ranges, promotions, etc.
This will help customers to ‘self‐select’ and also visually highlight changes on your stall.
Remember: Small increases to your ATV can have a significant effect on your overall turnover — every little bit helps!
4: Best sellers
There is a well known retailing rule called the 80/20 rule that 80% of sales come from just 20% of product lines.
While businesses often sell a range of different products, analysis of sales by product line often reveals that the majority of sales come from just a handful of those product lines. These are the best sellers — the key ‘bread and butter’ lines that customers buy the most of.
Being aware of, monitoring and recording best seller information is a key part of commercial success. Knowing what your best sellers are is the start of it, but what you do with that information and how you use it can directly increase your sales.
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