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Four important ways to use best seller information:
1: Make sure you always have plenty
Replenishing stock of these items is a priority
2: Give them a prominent location, they need to be easy to see and buy
They have proved popular, make sure they are noticeable and they will continue to attract more customers and more sales
3: Tell customers about them (verbally and through signage)
It is a proven review of your product – it must be good, ‘I’ll try it too’!
4: Find, source, buy, make, offer – more of the same
These products have proved popular, what new products can you offer along the same lines to build on this success?
Top tips for performance monitoring:
• Performance monitoring can make a real difference to the turnover of your new business
• Monitoring performance will help you to take real action to grow your business
• Monitoring performance will ensure you provide customers with good service
‘Right Products, Right Time, Right Service Levels’
Monitoring sheet
Download a monitoring sheet to record your fantastic four. Included is space to record figures for the previous week and year, to enable you to start seeing the trends that are occurring in your business. Don’t forget to note down any unusual trading scenarios, e.g. a large coach party, inclement weather, religious festival — anything that may have unduly affected your sales (for better or worse) so that you can see the ‘blip’ in your trends and know why it occurred.
The trading days column has been left blank for you to insert your actual trading etc
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